Saturday, May 1, 2010

Plies Giving Back To Music Fans Through His Goon Affiliated 25 Day Giveaway

In strategic move, rap artist Plies has launched a contest to help promote his upcoming album release, entitled "Goon Affiliated". The Goon Affiliated 25 Giveaway starts on Saturday May 1 and runs through to May 25.

Prizes are to be awarded to winners every day during the contest, which include: new cars, educational scholarships, mortgage payments, health-care insurance plans, shopping sprees and even everyone's newest favorite technologic gadget, the Apple iPad.

Plies says this giveaway is his way of giving back to his supporters, music fans and people in the community.
“My music is very much reflective of the plight and ills of our community and real talk, there are people out there struggling to make ends meet in this economy.”
Plies, with the help of his older brother Big Gates, are co-founders of the Big Gates & Plies Power of Visions foundation.

What do you think about this effort by Plies? Hey, you think we could get a donation to the blog? I don't know, but here's to hoping ;)

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