Monday, March 15, 2010

Rap Recording Artist Nas Heading Back To High School

Rap recording artist Nas recently took time to spread a positive message to the youth of the "Boys and Girls club" regarding the importance of education at a conference in Pittsburgh, PA.

The poetical hip hop icon described details of his personal life, admitting his regrets of failing to follow though with graduating high school. While the superstar has had a very successful career, he acknowledges the relevance of education required to improve and personally fulfill life in and out of the rap music business.

Now, the rapper intends to go back and successfully receive his high school credits and diploma. “The reality of it is, you need to keep educating yourself, and I wish I had stayed in school,” Nas shared, continuing on to say “Be your own leader.”

R&B sensation Ne-Yo was also present at the youth conference with Nas, where both recording artists participated in encouraging young people to be leaders and build up their communities through community service.

This is a very strong and positive message. Indie artists every where should be aware of how taking up serious and just causes can improve the overall image of your brand and/or music. Not only is it good to take up noble causes on behalf of your business, but it is also personally fulfilling as well. The benefits are too good to be ignored.

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