Monday, March 22, 2010

Practical Advice From Music Publisher/Author Eric Beall

Eric Beall, seasoned music publisher and author of "Making Music Make Money". Eric maintain's a great blog on music publishing which I frequently read over at Although his blog focuses on music publishing, it's filled with useful information for self publishing indie rap artists looking to step up music marketing efforts.

The man knows more then just your typical "thing or two" when it comes to the music industry. His book is definitely recommending reading which I will co-sign, as it is filled with great information.

One of his recent posts which caught my attention was entitled "All in a Good Night's Sleep". Here is an excerpt:

"As many of you have probably noticed, the downside to the grass-roots, indie approach to making it in the music business is that so much of the work requires the direct involvement of you, the artist and/or songwriter. In this new 21st century business model, you can only succeed by getting out and building your fanbase person by person, show by show, and that means a lot of hands-on work for the musicians. Now, not only do you have to gig continuously, with all the drive-time, set-up and tear-down effort that is an inevitable part of rock ‘n’ roll touring, you also have to book the gigs, sell your merch, coordinate your own publicity campaign in each town, and spend at least a couple of hours on your social networking site, making sure your fans feel connected. And don’t forget to Twitter while you’re at it."

You can read the rest of his article here: "All in a Good Night's Sleep"

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