Sunday, March 14, 2010

New Rap Music by Artist-Entrepreneur Jay Wise and the Corp Cartel

This is your wake up call, stop sleeping! Indie rap artist-entrepreneur Jay Wise is quickly creating a buzz online. By taking the rap music business head on, Jay Wise has utilized marketing efforts on many fronts to build his brand for music fans.

With a string of successful music videos attaining views in the tens of thousands, this artists has built a healthy list of subscribers on YouTube and followers on Twitter. With over 300,000+ profile views and over 20,000+ friends on Myspace, Jay Wise has successfully used social networks to expand the reach of his music and attract new fans.

Having worked with many notable up and comers and established vets in the music industry, such as Kane Beatz and Tech N9ne, Jay wise continues to make noise. The artist-entrepreneur is also affiliated with the BrandedBaron clothing line, which features of a fresh line of afforable quality merchandise. If you didn't know befpre, you def know now, check out more from this up and coming rap recording artist.

Download more from Jay Wise:

Feel Like Flying

Jay Wise feat.Chromeo - Night By night

Corp Cartel Do You Want Me

Download The Pre Fresh mixtape by Jay Wise:

Jay Wise Foolish Things video:

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