Friday, March 19, 2010

MC Lars Makes Guest Post on Berklee Music VP Dave Kusek's Future of Music Blog

Check out this new article entitled "New Media Economics in Indie Rap – Welcome to the Future" on Dave Kusek's Future of Music blog. Dave Kusek is the VP of Media at, among many titles including creator of and author of "Future of Music: Manifesto for the Digital Music Revolution".

MC Lars is an indie rap recording artist who also studied at and quickly found success right out of college. Now, this artist has taken advantage of his new found knowledge and created a buzz by building up awareness of his rap music business.

Here is an excerpt from his guest post on Dave Kusek's blog:
"The song I wrote was called “Download This Song“, and it charted in Australia where I did TRL on MTV. The YouTube video received a half a million plays and the single was given press in the NME, the UK’s biggest music magazine. Afterwards, a girl in Texas who was being sued by the RIAA heard the song and contacted me. I forwarded it to Gates. Gates sent it to Terry McBride. Nettwerk paid for her legal fees because one of the songs in her collection was by an artist they managed. Clearly the ideas in the book and my song had reached a large audience."

Peep the music video for MC Lars' hot single "Download This Song":

There is a unique story behind the success of this artist and this particular song. Unique and interesting stories make for the best music marketing and promotional material. As an indie artist, developing interesting stories is the best way to gain more exposure.

The key is coming up with ideas which will keep people talking about and spreading your music!

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