Sunday, March 14, 2010

Lil Wayne Prevented From Conducting Music Business While Serving Sentence

As a superstar in the music industry, every move you make is being watched and scrutinized by somebody if not everybody. These days living a careless lifestyle can have serious effects on your legitimate businesses. There's always unfortunate consequences when brushing with the wrong side of the law (trust!). In this case, Lil Wayne will face drawbacks of his own.

While serving his sentence, the rap artist-entrepreneur will be prevented from signing autographs for music fans, among other rumored restrictions. If these reports are at all accurate, this is terrible timing given the recent success attained by this artist.

Wouldn't it make sense to use your "not-so-free" time to conduct your business? Should performers , authors and/or people in the entertainment industry be allowed a "pass" to keep their affairs in order for when they're sentence is over? What do you think?

With Weezy's level of popularity, this should have no ill-effect as at this point in the game he currently has the 'midas touch'.

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