Monday, February 15, 2010

Smash Mode Records Presents New Music From Hip Hop Collective Neon Metropolis

Neon Metropolis is a hip hop collective based out of the United Kingdom. Fresh on the scene and fusing hip hop with funk, the group is now ready to take the hip hop world by storm with their debut single "Push it":

This is an interesting street-spin on the classic late 1980's rap anthem by Salt N Peppa. It's actual release date is coming up next month on March 22nd. You can also check the Neon Metropolis press release as an example of a good music marketing/promotional tool.

Their website is currently utilizing clever methods of surveying information and collecting e-mail addresses from new music fans. This is a great way for Neon Metropolis to open up a line of communication by sending e-mail marketing campaigns with their fan base. These tracks are pretty decent, you feelin' ? Big ups to UK Hip Hop!

For more from Neon Metropolis:

Smash Mode Records & FutureProof Digital
Smash Mode Records is an independent hip hop label located in London, England (UK). FutureProof Digital the digital music distribution network for the music of Neon Metropolis, which also based out of the UK. Check out for more information.

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