Tuesday, February 16, 2010

K-os Performing Back-to-Back Shows Live At Starlight In Waterloo

I'm absolutely !@#$ pumped!
K-os is an amazing hip hop artist and great live performer. Back in '06, this blogger was in attendance when K-os headlined 'HipHoptoberfest' (now known as Beatoberfest, an annual event hosted by 9.15 the BEAT FM [Corus Entertainment]), and needless to say...he blew the roof off the building.

I'm looking forward to seeing K-os llive in action once again, at a smaller venue which will be packed as I'm pretty sure it sold out weeks ago. Originally, the unique breed of emcee was only scheduled to perform February 16th. However, after the promoter was informed of how fast the tickets sold out for that show, he immediately requested that K-os perform the same venue again soon, real soon... as in the next night in a back-to-back outing.

This is going to be dope!

1 comment:

  1. The show was crazy! K-os killed it, naturally...
    only thing though, no autographs? C'mon Kevin..


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