Saturday, February 13, 2010

Creating Memorable Moments For Music Fans, Live Music Producer Tom Jackson

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How good is your live performance on the stage? Having a well planned, rehearsed and and engaging live performance is one of the most important aspects when it comes to building your fan base as an indie artist in the rap music business.

Need tips on building your good show into a greater one? Live performance coach, Tom Jackson is helping artists everywhere increase the quality of their live performances. As a rap artist trying to achieve success independently, you cannot afford to ignore the relevance of Tom Jackson's teachings.

How is Tom Jackson making a difference?

Live music producer and performance coach Tom Jackson shows all artists how to structure their stage shows one song at a time to create those ‘moments’ where the entertainer-music fans feel connected.

This definitely has a profound effect on your fans, and will increase the chance of driving your audience straight to the merchandise tables. Tom has perfected his very own unique perspective on using the set-list to show musicians and artists how to maximize earning potential by arranging their songs by using his “Live Music Methods.”

The key is to build moments of connection between your self and your audiences. Tom Jackson knows how and can teach you to create those moments! Some of the world's biggest superstars and top selling artist and performers use Tom's methods to create a great atmosphere for their live shows.

Over the last 20 years, Tom has been revamping the stage shows for a multitude of bands. His website and YouTube channel show how in less than an hour, any timid vocalist can be turned into an energetic live performer glowing with confidence.

Tom has such an incredible grasp of stage dynamics and makes it easy for indie artists to understand how to combine stage movements with song dynamics. He also teaches how to interact with other band members and artists on stage, as well as how to rearrange songs to create a better live experience for the audience.

This is relevant to any artist, but especially those in the rap music business who do not have the luxury of performing with instruments while on stage. Your success depends on your ability to find other ways of getting your fans involved in your live performance.

Check out Tom's site and YouTube channel and learn up on how to be a great performer.
Tom Jackson's Website
Tom Jackson's YouTube Channel

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