Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Rap Artist David Banner Launches New iPhone App, "Work Out Or Die!"

Rapper/actor David Banner has recently launched a new iPhone application entitled "Work Out Or Die!". The idea stems from a conversation between the rap artist and a friend, who just so happens to work for the Apple corporation. According to David, the friend encouraged him to pursue the new venture to satisfy a market within the rapper's fan base.

It was common knowledge to his fans, that the rapper had lost weight from an exercise program he had built for himself. The whole concept of providing something new to service the basis of your niche market (i.e., the fans of David Banner), and supplying them with something else that they have in common with the rap artist, i.e. a weight loss program for people who are over weight.

This is a great idea which can have amazing results for music sales as well. Having an iPhone application puts the rapper in the perfect position for any type of music marketing campaign he may under take here after. The iPhone applications subscribers will have access to extra material that the rapper will provide at his discretion.

Now all iPhone users who are David Banner fans, or just looking to lose weight but are categorized in the "urban market", (or both) are accessible to rapper at the click of a button. He can provide exclusive music downloads, updates about his film career as an actor, or just share tips on his exercise strategies and weight loss program.

This is a great example of artist entrepreneurs thinking outside of the box, and looking for other ways to profit from the base of fans that they already have, while also trying to attract new fans to grow the base.

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