Thursday, September 24, 2009

Wu Tang Productions Disputes Royalty Disagreement With Group Member Ghostface Killah

The iconic hip hop collective, the Wu Tang Clan, has completely changed the way rap artists approach the music business. Nine individually talented artists grouped together to become a rap super power. However, as likely to happen to any band of musicians or groups of recording artists, problems are bound to arise.

In 2005, a lawsuit had been filed by original Wu Tang Clan member Ghostface Killa, claiming that he did not receive music publishing royalties on early studio albums released by the group. The suit was filed against Wu Tang Clan Productions, owned and operated by the group's legendary super producer the RZA.

This is a recurring problem in the rap music business. Artists and producers work together, with no prior discussions to royalty shares. After much success is achieved by their music, disputes inevitably arise.

Remarkably, surviving members of the group still create and produce music together, and are still committed to the international brand that they have built. For instance group member Raekwon recently released the follow up to his street classic album "Only Built For Cuban Linx, Pt 2" which features many of the Wu Tang Members including RZA, Ghostface Killah, Methodman and Inspectah Deck.

How do we take proper measures to prevent a dispute such as this one from even arising in the first place? GET IT IN WRITING ! You've heard me write about this numerous times, always get your agreements in a tangible written form. Have you ever became involved in a dispute such as this one ?

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